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These are the people, brands, and organizations supporting Jaeger and all that we do, and vice versa. We use their products regularly, stand by them, and we thank all of them. If you have any questions on any products or organizations featured here, feel free to reach out at and we will do our best to answer them.

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Good hunting dogs have a high drive, and that engine needs fuel to work and maintain peak performance. We never know what we're getting into on a tracking call. It may be the middle of the day or the middle of the night, but Jaeger is always ready to go. A track may be a short couple hundred yards, or it may be miles of exhausting work. Jaeger stays fueled with Eukanuba Premium Performance, with formulas designed specifically for the unique needs of sporting dogs based on extended activity levels, recovery needs, and digestive and coat performance.  #teameukanuba

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You'll notice in a lot of Jaeger's videos or images he's wearing goggles. We get a lot of questions about that. The answer is simple - he was charging through brush so much that he was suffering occasional eye injuries. Rex Specs makes specialized eye protection for active dogs, and once we started using them those injuries ceased. Enough said.

For a Rex Specs feature on Jaeger click here. 

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Jaeger's safety in the field is my top priority. He can't help hunters if he's hurt. Gundog Solutions was created by a veterinarian in Anderson, SC, Dr. Jackson Walker, with a specific focus on the unique needs of active hunting dogs and the remote places we go. These are the most comprehensive medical kits on the market, focused on stabilizing an injured dog and getting to a veterinarian as quickly as possible. If you're an invested dog owner, these are the medical kits for you.


Helping hunters takes us to a lot of remote places. We need to get there and back safely. Nokian Tyres RockProof  is, like Jaeger, an all-terrain workhorse that lives to be in 4-low.

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A good pack system is an invaluable tool in the field. Whether carrying gear, camera equipment, food, water, or emergency medical equipment, or to pack quartered game or an injured dog out of the field, I need a pack that works with me all the time. That level of versatility is the epitome of Eberlestock pack systems. They can always do the job.

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A tool that always goes into the woods with us is a good knife. Benchmade makes high quality and stylish knives here in the USA. Many use my favorite steel, S30V, for its edge holding properties. They have an excellent custom knife program as well - check out the awesome Jaeger Tracks logo'd custom Crooked River and Steep Country models for our adventures.




Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) manages our fish and wildlife and their habitats, as well as wildlife related law enforcement. They work very hard so residents and non-residents have outdoor opportunities here, and held a key role is legalizing and managing the use of leashed dogs for tracking wounded game. They host a lot of special hunts for children and wounded veterans, and Jaeger has assisted on two different veterans hunts where his services resulted in recovery of deer for the hunters. TWRA also featured Jaeger on their Wildcast podcast. We thank them for their efforts here and support of Jaeger, and we're always happy to help.

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The North American Teckel Club (NATC) is the extension of the Deutscher TeckelKlub (DTK) in the US. Their focus is maintaining the high German field and physical standards for the breed as a versatile hunting dog.

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The Deutscher TeckelKlub (DTK) is the parent organization of the NATC. The DTK is the second oldest dog breeding club in Germany, established in 1888,  and sets an international standard, the FCI standard No 148, for all dachshunds. Jaeger is registered with the DTK and qualified into their breeding program.


United Blood Trackers (UBT) is the national organization in the US leading the way on the use and legalization of tracking dogs for the recovery of wounded big game. Members have made tremendous strides in their respective states, and continue to work hard towards the goal of legalized tracking in all 50. Every year they host a Trackfest event to share knowledge, field trial dogs, and continue to spread their message on the benefits of trained tracking teams. Their website has a wealth of information on state regulations, and how to Find A Tracker near you.


Thanks to everybody for their support. For sponsorship and media inquiries please email

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